50 Cent announces housing project in Shreveport, LA to help the community

BY Preta Peace Namasaba June 19, 2024 7:24 AM EDT

50 Cent and his G-Unit Studios, an extension of his G-Unit Films and Television company, have announced plans to develop housing in Shreveport, Louisiana. The area recently became home to the studio’s 985,000-square-foot property, which is the second largest Black-owned studio in the world. Besides functioning as a business venture, 50 Cent sees G-Unit Studios as an opportunity to nurture creative talent and contribute positively to the community.

“From the gritty narratives of the streets to the compelling stories that define our era, G-Unit has always been more than just entertainment; it’s a platform for voices that need to be heard, stories that need to be told. Bringing G-Unit Studios to Shreveport is not just a business decision; it’s a commitment to fostering talent, creating opportunities, and building a community that thrives through creativity and innovation. We see Shreveport as a beacon of inspiration and creativity,” 50 Cent said about his vision for G-Unit and Shreveport.

His vision for investing in Shreveport and its community is in a three-phase plan. Phase I is about buying and revitalizing property all over the area including a jump park and a grocery store in downtown Shreveport. 50 Cent has already kicked off this part of the process, purchasing some properties with more in the pipeline. Phase II encompasses building housing for moderate-income families while Phase III will invest directly in Shreveport youth through media programs at schools, mentor programs, and more.

The Shreveport leadership leadership has fully embraced 50 Cent and his ventures in the City. The city council members introduced legislation allowing the rapper to lease Millennium Movie Studio as a base for his film company. In April, 50 Cent was honored with his own day in Shreveport and presented with a ceremonial key to the city by Mayor Tom Arceneaux.

“He is very passionate about the city. I would say 10 or more properties that we’ve already closed a few of this week. It’ll be an additional 10 or so. These are all-cash offers. You know, there, there’s quite a few entertainment spots for not only adults and kids. He’s bringing a big jump park here. I mean, it’s a substantial size park. We’re looking at a grocery store in the immediate downtown Shreveport area, and those are ideas that we come up with together with the whole team. What can help the community?” explained Gerod Durden, a real estate broker working with 50 Cent.

Rising from a tough childhood in Queens, surrounded by drugs and gangs, 50 Cent has created his place in the world. He has sold over 30 million albums worldwide, and won a Grammy Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and thirteen Billboard Music Awards. However, it is in the business realm that 50 Cent has truly thrived. He is the founder of G-Unit Clothing Company which has generated over $100 million in sales, film production company Cheetah Vision, and headphones manufacturer SMS Audio. He is the owner of Sire Spirits, the marketing powerhouse behind Champagne and Cognac brands “Le Chemin Du Roi” and “Branson Cognac.”

50 Cent partnered with Glacéau and Vitamin Water in 2004, became a minority shareholder and celebrity spokesperson for the brand, and created a custom flavor called “Formula 50”. He earned $100 million when Glacéau was absorbed by Coca-Cola in 2007. 50 Cent has also partnered with Effen Vodka, becoming a minority shareholder in the Dutch vodka brand. A successful and holistic businessman and investor, he is now giving back to the community.