Black-owned streaming platform kweliTV set to offer unique opportunity to Black content creators worldwide

BY Nii Ntreh April 30, 2024 3:43 AM EDT
DeShuna Spencer. Photo Credit: kweliTV

A Black-owned streaming platform, kweliTV, will crowdfund for hundreds of Black content creators whose content will be broadcast on the platform in a remarkable bid to give visibility to Black ingenuity, the platform has announced.

kweliTV is calling the project kweliFUND, and it is aimed at boosting the capacities of their 500 exclusive creators to produce high quality content on different aspects of the Black experience. In the long term, kweliFUND hopes to onboard Black creators from all over the world to give an all-encompassing global Black narrative.

At the launch of the kweliFUND, DeShuna Spencer, the platform’s founder, said kweliTV was “dedicated to amplifying authentic Black voices and narratives. With kweliFUND, we’re not only providing a lifeline for our creators but also offering backers a unique opportunity to directly contribute to the growth of Black storytelling worldwide.”

The streamer will offer unique and streamlined content for backers of the kweliFUND, with between three to ten campaigns. Nearly all of the creators who will be helped by the fund have participated in film festivals and about six out of ten of them boast of award-winning accolades. The platform will facilitate an opportunity to have an intimate knowledge of a creator’s style and substance by offering backers direct access to the creator’s projects and process.

“kweliFUND represents our commitment to empowering Black storytellers and providing them with the resources they need to thrive. We believe in the power of storytelling to create meaningful change, and with kweliFUND, we’re building a platform where creators can bring their visions to life and connect with supporters who share our passion for Black culture,” Spencer added.

kweliTV is on a mission to curate award-winning and critically acclaimed independent Black film, documentaries, web series, kids shows, animation and audio from around the world that showcase the global Black experience. The platform has already aggregated about 1,500 hours of content and is accessible anywhere in the world through mobile and TV apps, platforms and educational institutions. The name kweli comes from Swahili and it means truth.