After exiting Shark Tank, CurlMix has grown to become one of the most successful Black-owned beauty brands

When Tim and Kim Lewis took their haircare company CurlMix to Shark Tank, it was undervalued. The startup had a valuation of $4 million and had generated $400,000 in sales over the previous nine months.…

By Preta Peace Namasaba February 27, 2024

Six things you should know about Henry G. Parks, Jr., founder of the first Black-owned company on NASDAQ

A trailblazer on all fronts, Henry G. Parks, Jr. is considered one of America‚Äôs most brilliant businessmen. He took on an unlikely project and transformed it one of the most profitable food manufacturers. Parks made…

By Preta Peace Namasaba February 21, 2024
Randy Hazelton

After bouncing back from a first business failure, Randy Hazelton now owns more than 20 restaurants in prominent airports

Randy Hazelton, 43, is the owner and CEO of H&H Hospitality, a company that operates concession stands and restaurants in prominent airports across the United States. Through perseverance and drawing lessons from his past experiences,…

By Oji Ben Ebuka February 15, 2024
Black-women-owned fragrance

This Black History Month, add fragrances from these eight Black women-owned businesses to your collection

As we celebrate Black History Month, it’s essential to recognize and support Black-owned businesses across various industries. In the realm of fragrance, several Black-owned brands stand out, offering unique and captivating scents that cater to…

By Oji Ben Ebuka February 7, 2024

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Richelieu Dennis

Liberian immigrant Richelieu Dennis built and sold a beauty business for $1.6bn but he isn’t done yet

Immigrants in the United States generally encounter a myriad of challenges, navigating a complex intersection of race, immigration status, and cultural identity. From systemic racism to socio-economic disparities, Black immigrants specifically face hurdles that compound…

By Oji Ben Ebuka February 2, 2024

How to build a $9 billion firm and give back to the community – Tracy Maitland shows the way

Tracy Maitland’s indelible mark as founder, president, and chief investment officer of the Advent Capital Management is an incredible phenomenon. But his impact extends beyond the investment firm and has immensely touched public life. From…

By Preta Peace Namasaba January 31, 2024
Black-Owned fitness Brand

Six Black-owned brands making a mark in US fitness industry

Beyond crafting activewear that mirrors the latest fashion trends, Black-owned and/or led fitness brands redefine the workout wardrobe by embodying diversity and identity. Where fashion is a powerful form of self-expression, these brands stand out…

By Oji Ben Ebuka January 29, 2024

The story of William F Pickard: How to build a $500 million company after early failures

Having grown up in Michigan, a state built by America’s automotive ingenuity, it is only fair that William F. Pickard made his fortune in the industry. He went into that world because of his parents…

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