Jamaican-born Heather Rabbatts went from being called a “half-caste” to shaping corporate Britain

Heather Rabbatts has been exceptionally successful in breaking glass ceilings in the UK’s public and private sectors. She has been a pioneer for women and racial minorities across a breadth of industries, including local government,…

By Preta Peace Namasaba April 16, 2024

With over 150,000 members worldwide, the BYP Network is connecting Black young professionals with each other and corporations

A Great Britain athlete and top student, Kike Oniwinde Agoro was afforded many opportunities during the start of her career. She had access to preeminent internships, and scholarships and was awarded for her accomplishments. However,…

By Preta Peace Namasaba March 28, 2024
6 Black women pioneering innovative developments in global finance

Here are six Black women leading developments in global finance

Despite global social and economic challenges and some age-long unfavorable traditional practices in societies that hamper the existence and development of Black women, many Black women have managed to break out of the limiting yolks…

By Oji Ben Ebuka March 25, 2024

Super Bowl winner Ryan Mundy is investing in response to mental health challenges in Black communities

The National Institute of Mental Health reports that one in five persons in the United States experiences a discernible mental illness. In the general population, mental illness remains undertreated with even lower utilization of mental…

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Denise Woodard sold her engagement ring to start a business; her products are now sold in over 14,000 stores

Denise Woodard went all in when she started allergy-friendly food brand Partake Foods.  She used up her savings, maxed out her credit cards, emptied her 401k and quit her job. She even sold her engagement…

By Preta Peace Namasaba March 23, 2024

When his business partner died, Daniel Halpern was expected to close shop but he’s now seeing $170 million in revenue

People expected Jackmont Hospitality to fold when Maynard Jackson passed away in 2003. Elected mayor of Atlanta at just 35, Jackson was the first Black mayor in any major city in the South. He was…

By Preta Peace Namasaba March 22, 2024

Quiet quitting your job is not for everyone but the threat is for every employer – Here are tips to avoid the problem

In the labyrinth of the modern workplace, a curious phenomenon has emerged, or according to some, gained momentum. It is a trend known as “quiet quitting.” This phenomenon is characterized by employees leaving their jobs…


These four tips from Bernard Tyson, former CEO of healthcare giants Kaiser Permanente, will help advance your career

Bernard Tyson earned himself a reputation as a distinguished corporate executive and community leader. He rose from being an assistant administrator in the Outpatient Medical Records Department at the San Francisco facility to CEO of…

By Preta Peace Namasaba March 21, 2024
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