Meet the woman who pioneered web animation through Shockwave technology

Lisa Gelobter, a trailblazing figure in the tech industry, is the inventive mind behind Shockwave technology, a groundbreaking innovation that pioneered animation on the web. Her contributions extend beyond this revolutionary creation, as she laid…

By Preta Peace Namasaba December 1, 2023

Musical icon leads $15m angel round to launch ‘flying car’ has remained one of the prominent figures in America’s music scene for many years. But over time, he has branched off to other sectors where he is pioneering innovation and firmly entrenching his signature…

By Oji Ben Ebuka November 30, 2023

Meet Alice H. Parker, the Black woman who invented the gas central heating system

In the realm of innovation, Alice H. Parker stands as a trailblazer whose inventive spirit reshaped the landscape of indoor heating. Born in 1895 in New Jersey, Parker’s contributions to heating technology were groundbreaking, yet…

By Preta Peace Namasaba November 27, 2023

Here’s how Elise Smith is remodeling behavior through virtual reality

Elise Smith is the co-founder and CEO of Praxis Labs, a learning and development company. The company uses immersive learning experiences to increase empathy, reduce bias, and remodel sustained behavior change for individuals and organizations.…

By Preta Peace Namasaba November 11, 2023

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Heman Bekele

14-year-old Heman Bekele wins “America’s Top Young Scientist” for inventing a soap that treats skin cancer

14-year-old Heman Bekele, a 9th grader at W.T. Woodson High School in Annandale, Virginia, has won the 2023 3M Young Scientist Challenge, the nation’s premier middle school science competition organized by 3M and Discovery Education.…

By Oji Ben Ebuka October 28, 2023

From food waste to organic fertilizer: how Tinia Pina’s agritech is transforming agriculture

Tinia Pina is the founder and CEO of Re-Nuble, an agricultural tech startup that transforms food waste into organic fertilizer. The company employs technology and biologicals to transform food waste into organic liquid nutrients which…

By Preta Peace Namasaba October 22, 2023

John Legend launches app to rival Yelp and Google Reviews

John Legend is launching It’s Good, a social app that provides users with personalized food and travel recommendations from their social circles. Geared to open to the public soon, the tech startup is geared to…

By Preta Peace Namasaba October 21, 2023

These twin brothers have built the second-fastest growing company in Europe with a $1.25 billion valuation

British twin brothers Oliver and Alexander Kent-Braham are the co-founders of Marshmallow, a digital insurance company. The firm caters to the needs of marginalised customers and those who usually struggle to find affordable insurance. With…

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