Blakk Smoke made $2 million in 23 minutes on Black Friday – Five lessons from this remarkable feat

BY Preta Peace Namasaba December 19, 2023 7:12 PM EDT
Hookah pen brand Blakk Smoke by artiste Blakk Tatted is fast becoming an industry leader. Photo Credit: Green Matters

Blakk Smoke made $2 million in sales within 23 minutes during Black Friday on November 24, 2023. The hookah company was founded by artiste and entrepreneur Blakk Tatted (Cardell Bradley) in 2021. Under his management, the company has become an industry leader and set several groundbreaking records. Its robust business operations are a source of inspiration for Black entrepreneurs and founders.

Here are five lessons to learn from Blakk Smoke’s remarkable sales record.

Unique products are highly marketable
Blakk Smoke is well known for its nicotine-free, tobacco-free hookah products. The company makes products from fruit and offers relatively safer smoking alternatives. Its hookah vape pens have various flavors such as cotton candy, green apple, tropical fruit, Skittles, and lemonade. The brand’s unique product range has proved highly marketable and has expanded its global reach.

Blakk Tatted told The Baltimore Times: Cigarettes are full of nicotine and tobacco and people are putting those harmful products in their bodies. I wanted to offer a healthier alternative. I wanted to create a vaping product that could be made with vegetables and water, but no one wants to smoke vegetables or water. I was left with that truth, but felt there had to be a way possible to incorporate fruit into hookah smoking.

Sales strategy is vital for market dominance
The company’s “BLAKK Friday” featured a tremendous 50% discount which brought in an unprecedented rush of customers. This sales strategy has been critical in driving the company’s growth and success. Blakk Smoke not only generated $2 million in sales within 23 minutes but also made a total of nearly $4 million. The company’s remarkable sales milestone has accentuated its market dominance and brand appeal.

Build on past success
Blakk Smoke is no stranger to phenomenal performances on Black Friday. The company previously raked in $1 million in nine hours for its hookah products. At the time, Blakk had already launched pens, hookah accessories, and 15 natural fruit flavors. The business hit the ground running and earned over $10 million within a year. Intent on becoming a household name, the company is building on its past success.

Patience is required in product development
Blakk tried many things while creating his nicotine-free, tobacco-free hookah products. He received a lot of unfavorable feedback as people imagined the fruit would work and the product couldn’t work. It took five years of experimentation for people to enjoy the way his hookah product tasted. Although it took the better half of a decade for Blakk to refine his product, the brand launch proved to be an overnight success.

The musician and businessman told AfroTech:

Hookah is my passion, but anybody that’s an avid hookah smoker knows the feeling that it gives you afterward. It’s just not worth it. Being an advocate for hookah and telling people you should try, you would love it, I felt guilty because I know it’s not the best thing to introduce to people. Many people are influenced by me, so if I’m going to do something, I will hope I’m setting the best example possible. That’s when I wanted to create a healthier alternative for people.

There’s power in aligning business ventures with personal passions
Although hookah has always been Blakk’s passion, he disliked the after-smoking sensation. He felt guilty introducing hookah to people due to its adverse effects. This inspired him to create a healthier alternative for people. He followed his audacious dreams and infiltrated the tobacco industry with a product that contained no tobacco. Blakk Smoke has since become the leading hookah in the world.