Financial literacy prodigy Caden Harris graduates high school at age 13

BY Preta Peace Namasaba October 25, 2023 3:51 PM EDT
Caden Harris. Photo credit: Caden Harris

At only 13 years old, financial literacy prodigy Caden Harris has graduated from high school. Caden is the founder and CEO of Caden Teaches Finance, a platform that teaches other children practical money lessons and the importance of earning and saving money. He is also an author, entrepreneur, and youth Ambassador to the United Nations.

Harris was introduced to financial literacy at a young age from attending meetings with his father where they always discussed this crucial subject. Intrigued by the conversations taking place, he took the initiative to delve deeper into the topic. As the education system curriculum mostly neglects financial literacy, Harris made it his mission to teach children financial literacy by making it easy and fun for kids his age to understand.

“Financial Literacy is important to me because it sets the foundation for how we live our lives in the future. The way you handle money determines where you will live, the type of food you eat and the people you can help. We don’t have to wait until we’re 18 to start learning what a loan is, what a credit score is or how to budget money.”

Caden Harris in CanvasRebel

With a $200 investment from his father, Harris produced his first set of financial flashcards which defined words such as debt and loans in a way children could easily understand. He used the profits earned from the 20 sets of flashcards to create an activity book, and profits from both to create a puzzle. Soon, Harris had created a line of financial products and had enough funds to buy his own bus.

He purchased an unvarnished bus from a community center and was a step closer to fulfilling his dream of a financial literacy bus. However, Harris realized that it would cost more than he had imagined to transform the bus to fit his vision. He then embarked on fundraising, getting businesses on board with his mission to advance financial literacy in children. After a series of rejections, he raised $50,000 for the bus’ renovation.

Harris uses his 54-seat passenger bus to reach nearby schools. Emblazoned with the slogan “If Caden can, you can,” the mobile unit applies real-life scenarios to teach children about money. He works with a mock bank, mock grocery store and mock stock exchange to ensure that all children leave the bus with more knowledge of the stock market, how to budget, and how to write a cheque.

In addition, Harris speaks at schools and events and leads interactive sessions on assets, liabilities, bank accounts, and budgets, among others. The pandemic and ensuing lockdown enabled him to transform the format of his business. From selling merchandise at live events and touring schools, he switched to virtual classes and presentations. He continues offering his virtual services and speaks to groups online.

Harris has leveraged the power of the internet to grow his brand. By sharing valuable tips online, he has connected with other brands and gained partnerships. His exploits have attracted the attention of public figures such as Shaquille O’Neal and Steve Harvey. Already Harris has equipped 50,000 children with financial knowledge and aims to reach 500,000 and have a learning center in every state.

“[I’m] gonna keep inspiring the next generation, and my biggest goal is to inspire 500,000 kids and teach them about financial literacy.”

Caden Harris in Atlanta News Channel 2

Caden Harris’ commitment to education and personal growth is epitomised by his graduation at only 13 years old. The financial literacy prodigy has already taken a few college courses and is considering whether further education aligns with his plans and aspirations. He is the author of Caden’s Rich Kid Guide: Tips to Earn 10k Before 10 Years Old.