From their savings reselling shoes, these teenage twins have opened a shoe store

BY Preta Peace Namasaba March 8, 2024 11:29 AM EDT
Taylan and Tylan Walker during an interview. Photo credit: WAVE 3 News

Teenage twin brothers Taylan and Tylan Walker have managed to turn their interests into a thriving business. At the age of 13, Tylan pursued his passion for restoring and buying shoes while Taylan discovered his love for cameras and videography. Having recently graduated from high school, Taylan and Tylan have combined their interests and opened a brick-and-mortar location for their sneaker and streetwear resale business.

“Shoes and videos are a big market, especially in this time right now. People really want the best kicks, the best clothes the best videos and so we might as well take advantage of it. It’s the best thing to do for real for real,” Taylan Walker said of the high growth potential of his business.

Initially, the twins hadn’t realised the burgeoning potential of their hobbies. It wasn’t until their house was congested with shoes and their grandmother suggested they make a change that they grasped the need to scale. They knew that there was a big market for shoes and videos and decided to take advantage of it. Taylan and Tylan consequently gained success in the buy and resale market and began saving up their money from restoring and cleaning shoes.

Instead of going straight to college, the twins opened a store for their shoe business after graduating from Fern Creek High School. Their storefront called Finest Kicks opened its doors in Louisville. But the transition to the store wasn’t as easy as they had imagined it to be. Bringing in the best and newest shoes wasn’t enough, they had to ensure that buyers came to their store and that they were meeting their monthly payments.

”It was a little hard and a little difficult really because of money, trying to pay monthly and get people in here so we can pay every month. So basically we just tried to get like the best kicks and the newest shoes so they can sell,” Tylan Walker said of the challenges the storefront initially faced.

The twins took to social media to boost their brand. They used Tylan’s business savvy and Taylan’s video and editing skills to bring in new customers to their store. With consistency, the brothers have been able to build their clientele and expand to clothes and accessories. They plan to expand to a bigger space or even a different state for more exposure.

Finest Kicks is more than just a shoe business. The twins are helping build their community, one sole at a time. They like giving back and often offer a pair of shoes to people in need. Tylan and Taylan hope to further their education to help their business grow.