Snoop Dogg launches smokeless fire pit brand in brilliant marketing move

BY Preta Peace Namasaba November 27, 2023 8:37 AM EDT
Snoop Dog. Source: Purple Sneakers

Snoop Dog has launched a smokeless fire pit brand in a brilliant marketing strategy. The reveal follows the rapper’s announcement that he’s giving up smoke.

In a series of viral posts, Snoop relayed to his combined 129 million social media followers that he was giving up smoke. He requested for others to respect his privacy. The communication created major speculation among fans. Snoop is well known for his marijuana brand and has invested in cannabis products, a cannabis delivery startup, and a cannabis digital media business.

“After much consideration & conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke. I know what you thinking, ‘Snoop, smoke is kind of your whole thing.’ But I’m done with it. Done with the coughing and my clothes smelling all sticky icky.”

Snoop Dogg

A few days later, Snoop clarified his earlier pronouncement. He launched The Snoop Stove – Bonfire 2.0 Limited Edition Bundle which is a smokeless fire pit brand. The brand is in partnership with Solo Stove, a subsidiary of Solo Brands. He will support the company’s mission to eliminate smoke from backyards everywhere.

Snoop will collaborate with the company on product innovation. He will design a signature line of goods including a fire pit stand, bucket hat, and a sticker pack. The Snoop Dogg x Solo Stove collaboration marks the brand’s first large-scale national marketing push.

“I love a good fire outside but the smoke was too much. Solo Stove fixed fire and took out the smoke. They changed the game and now I’m excited to spread the love and stay warm with my friends and family.”

Snoop Dogg

The 17-time Grammy-nominated rapper has worked with Grubhub, Corona, Jack in the Box and BIC in only 2023. Snoop has appeared in adverts for popular brands such as Pepsi, Burger King, Dunkin’, T-Mobile, and Old Navy, among others. His bonfire will retail at $349.99.