“We go much further together than we do alone” Roger G. Arrieux Jr. chats with BlackStars on his journey and new role as Deloitte US East Region Marketplace Leader

BY Site Admin October 5, 2023 3:06 PM EDT
Roger Arrieux. Photo Source: Subject

Roger G. Arrieux Jr., the New York Managing Partner at Deloitte, has recently taken on the pivotal role of East Region Marketplace Leader. In this capacity, he leads Deloitte’s US headquarters and its largest office, and the East Region Marketplace overseeing responsibilities that encompass driving client and business growth, as well as nurturing relationships with community organizations and influential business and civic leaders.

With over three decades of dedicated service at Deloitte, Arrieux has consistently championed corporate citizenship strategies and multi-disciplinary approaches to delivering optimal client solutions. His sphere of influence extends to guiding East Region professionals at this renowned professional services powerhouse.

Arrieux’s academic journey began with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting from Baruch College, followed by the attainment of an MBA from Columbia University. His joined Deloitte in 1993, specializing in the Financial Services Industry. In this role, he assumed the mantle of Lead Client Service Partner for various alternative investment management companies. Notably, Arrieux actively supported and contributed to the New York Inclusion Council and the Black Employees Network (BEN) Business Resource Group in the capacity of a partner champion. Between 2019 and 2020, Arrieux served as a member of the Deloitte LLP USA Board Council, with integral roles on the Finance and Audit Committee and the Global Committee. Additionally, Arrieux chairs and/or is a member of several not for profit boards of directors and leads many activities with various other civic, charitable, and professional organizations.

As a proud Haitian-American, his journey to success in the corporate realm has inspired him to dedicate himself to creating opportunities for diverse professionals. His unwavering commitment to Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is reflected in his active advocacy for numerous organizations. Notably, Arrieux currently holds the esteemed position of Chair on the Harlem YMCA Board of Directors, the Black Achievers in Industry Steering Committee, and the Braven New York Board—an organization dedicated to bridging the inequality gap for Black and Hispanic students, especially those from low-income backgrounds.

BlackStars News recently caught up with Arrieux to discuss his inspirational journey and his new role at Deloitte.

BlackStars: Please explain your new role as US East Region Marketplace Leader at Deloitte. What does it entail and why are you excited about this?

Roger Arrieux: I’m thrilled to step into this role, and work closely with the other managing partners across the East Region to implement strategic marketplace plans and share leading practices and insights that may contribute to our organizational growth. Early on in my career, I recognized the value of being a subject matter specialists and a technician. Over time, I came to realize the value of networking and collaborating. We go much further together than we do alone. This is one of the keys to success that I share often – seek out ways to work with others, to collaborate, and don’t hesitate to help others. This new role speaks to the value of that teamwork, and I am excited to engage.

BlackStars: You have worked with Deloitte for over 30 years. Why Deloitte and what has it meant for your career?

Roger Arrieux:These last 30 years have been wonderful, and I’m grateful for the guidance and support of many amazing mentors and advocates that I’ve had along the way. Rising up in my career was the result of luck and working tirelessly to invest in myself, and certainly the support of those around me at Deloitte. I am proud to have achieved a modicum of success and I constantly seek opportunities to pay it forward for other professionals, who also deserve a seat at the table.

BlackStars: Tell us about a profound moment in your journey and how it shaped your career.

Roger Arrieux: There have been a few moments in my journey that represent both my good fortune and my hard work, such as receiving my MBA and being admitted to Deloitte & Touche LLP. These successes are meaningful to me, but they also spur me to support and provide that opportunity for others in my own organization and beyond. As a father, I am mentoring and cheering for my children as they progress at the university level and onto professional careers. Mentorship is a big part of giving back, and I do so in both informal ways and through formal settings, such as the Equitable Board Network. The Board Ready program, for example, offers educational and networking programs for highly skilled current and retired executives who have the interest and experience to be considered for nomination to a public company board or directorship, but who might not have a playbook for starting the journey. I get tremendous satisfaction from my work in this space. Academic acceleration for under-resourced youth has also been a focus area for me, as the work done in this space has the potential to change lives. This is reflected in my volunteer and civic work spanning numerous organizations including the New York CEO Jobs Council, A Better Chance, Braven and more.

BlackStars: As a Haitian American, how has your background contributed to your success in corporate
America and your views on DEI?

Roger Arrieux: As a Haitian American, I see the value of diversity and I’m eager to support opportunity for everyone. From my own experience, we are better served to be on a team that is not comprised of like-minded individuals. Our diverse experiences can offer different perspectives.
Our clients want the best and brightest to work with them, to deliver the best ideas, and that is an
output of this collaboration. There is an appreciation for diversity in teams and a recognition of the
value and optimized results that are outcomes. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just the right things to do but also the successful thing to do.

BlackStars: How do you hope to make an impact in this new role?

Roger Arrieux: Deloitte recognizes the value in exceeding expectations and delivering results that stand the test of time. We approach that work with that collaborative mindset, teaming across businesses to deliver tangible, measurable, attributable impact. My role is to foster that collaboration, helping each of us go much further together than we do alone.

BlackStars: Anything else you want to tell us?

Roger Arrieux: Shaping a better future for everyone is the ultimate impact that matters. Equity is at the core of a better future; we all have a role to play in bringing it to life. I’m invested in our community – this could be as broad as all of NYC or it can be the communities we find ourselves in through professional roles. We can create a sense of community by making each other feel supported; ensuring that we all share a sense of belonging and connection. At Deloitte, we are connecting with talent in earlier and more meaningful ways so they can learn about us, our profession, and see themselves succeeding at our organization. We are investing in the future pipeline through strategic recruiting initiatives and collaborations, launching innovative programming, and targeting experienced hires in in-demand fields like STEM.