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6 Black women pioneering innovative developments in global finance

Here are six Black women leading developments in global finance

Despite global social and economic challenges and some age-long unfavorable traditional practices in societies that hamper the existence and development of Black women, many Black women have managed to break out of the limiting yolks…

By Oji Ben Ebuka March 25, 2024
Media Mogul Tyler Perry

Fear of OpenAI’s latest tech has made Tyler Perry halt his $800 million studio project indefinitely

Every entrepreneur and businessperson diligently crafts strategies for business growth and sustenance. Although many plans are implemented smoothly, unforeseen events can derail even the most carefully laid-out strategies, potentially causing setbacks beyond anticipation, particularly when…

By Oji Ben Ebuka March 1, 2024

Black people have become the ‘fastest-growing’ group of investors on US stock markets

The volatility in the stock market makes it an investment avenue that some people are not easily willing to venture into. Yet it remains a viable and lucrative avenue for diversifying one’s income sources. Amidst…

By Oji Ben Ebuka February 29, 2024
Sevetri Wilson

After losing both parents as a teenager, Sevetri Wilson has founded two multimillion dollar businesses and helping other entrepreneurs build

When considering the journey of tech founders, Sevetri Wilson‘s stands out as because of the emotional odds she had to surmount. Also, as one of the few Black female tech founders, she defies the norms…

By Oji Ben Ebuka February 28, 2024

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Tyler Perry lends support to Cocoa Brown with $400,000 after her home was razed by fire

Farrah “Cocoa” Brown experienced a tragic fire that destroyed her home in Fayetteville, GA, where she resides with her young son, Phoenix. Known for her roles in “For Better or Worse” and various other productions,…

Senegalese American Dame Dia.

Dame Dia rose from a dishwasher to become the owner of the restaurant chain where he worked

In 2015, Native Foods had its peak with 26 branches throughout the United States. Since then, the company has undergone substantial downsizing, operating only in three locations: Chicago, IL; Palm Springs, CA; and Glendale, CO.,…

By Oji Ben Ebuka February 26, 2024
Jade Kearney and Marguerite

Two mothers take on Black maternal mortality with She Matters, a platform for pre and postnatal care

Black women face a higher risk of maternal mortality compared to white women, as highlighted in a recent study. The maternal mortality rate for Black women in the United States is 69.9 per 100,000 live…

Dr. Kingsley Okonkwo

Nigerian-American Dr. Kingsley Okonkwo to complete first Black-owned sporting complex in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas

A Nigerian-American physician, businessman and sports enthusiast, Dr. Kingsley Okonkwo is adding to the sporting and commercial vibrancy of Corpus Christi, Texas by constructing the city’s first Black-owned sports complex. For years, Dr. Okonkwo harbored…

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