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Racial wealth gap

Top 5 high-growth industries that can help close the racial wealth gap

The wealth gap between African-American families and white families it is not only a blow to the Black people but is also effectively a negative for the American economy. And as a report by consultancy…

By Solomon Mensah January 2, 2024

Meet Bernard J. Tyson, Kaiser Permanente’s first Black CEO who nearly doubled company revenue in six years

In 2013, when Bernard J. Tyson assumed leadership at Kaiser Permanente, the healthcare organization boasted a subscriber list of 9.1 million and a workforce of 174,000. However, by the end of his tenure in 2019,…

By Solomon Mensah November 30, 2023

Harvard is set to inaugurate its first Black President Claudine Gay on September 29. Here is what you need to know about her.

When it was announced last year that Claudine Gay would assume the role of the 30th president of Harvard University, the world’s most prestigious higher learning institution, there was a surge of excitement within communities…

By Solomon Mensah September 8, 2023

Former NFL star Mike Williams dead at age 36

Former NFL wide receiver Mike Williams has passed away at age 36 from injuries he reportedly suffered at a construction site, sources say. Spectrum News’ Jon Scott first reported the death on X, formerly Twitter,…

By Solomon Mensah September 6, 2023

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This is why NBA star Luol Deng returned to his country to head the national basketball team

Born Luol Michael Deng in the northwestern city of Wau, South Sudan, in 1985, he lived through turbulent times in his youth. His country faced a civil war. Five years after his birth, Deng and…

Trude Lamb

Trude Lamb: the inspirational teen who sparked a school name change over its historical ties to slavery

“I can’t be playing sports, supporting and going to a school that was named after a person who was against my people right here in the United States,” expressed then-16-year-old Gertrude “Trude” Lamb, as reported…

By Solomon Mensah September 5, 2023

Meet Mark Dean, the computer scientist who pioneered color PC monitors and revolutionized scanner connectivity

Are you currently reading this article on your laptop or desktop computer? If so, take a moment to gaze at your computer screen because I have an interesting fact to share with you. Did you…

Aalayah Eastmond

Aalayah Eastmond first survived the Parkland shooting. She is fighting to save your life now.

Sitting on the concrete garden bench, with legs crossed and in a chest-out posture, she dons not only her gorgeous graduation gown but an infectious smile as she poses for the cameras. Aalayah Eastmond’s ribbon-fastened…

By Solomon Mensah September 2, 2023
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