Black Women Empowered Directory: This is how to find a Black woman-owned business in your vicinity

BY Ben Ebuka Oji February 9, 2024 11:47 AM EDT
Dr. Jacqueline King
Dr. Jacqueline King. Credit: Black Women Empowered.

Dr. Jacqueline King, the CEO behind Black Women Empowered, unveiled the Black Women Empowered Business Directory to augment the remarkable efforts of Black women entrepreneurs while simultaneously nurturing economic empowerment within the community.

According to Dr. King, the Black Women Empowered Directory has been empowering individuals globally for more than ten years. With a vast and diverse membership, the platform continues to serve as a strong community of like-minded individuals and a comprehensive platform dedicated to showcasing and supporting businesses owned by Black women.

Dr. King’s mission, since 2011 when she started Black Women Empowered (BWE), has been to empower individuals spiritually, personally, and professionally, offering support and resources around the clock. This initiative is inspired by Dr. King’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and the recognition of the remarkable contributions that Black women entrepreneurs make to the business world.

Through the user-friendly Black Women Directory, shoppers can easily discover local businesses in their vicinity. Additionally, local businesses can enhance their brand and expand their operations through this platform.

“[BWE] is a powerful directory and community for Black women who are ready to level up spiritually, personally, financially, and professionally. Our platform is designed to connect you with like-minded individuals and valuable resources that will propel you to the next level in all aspects of your life,” said Jacqueline. Whether you’re seeking guidance, support, or opportunities for growth, we’re here to empower you and help you realize your full potential,” said Jacqueline.

Notable Features of the Directory

Economic Empowerment: This initiative aims to foster economic empowerment among black women by providing avenues for business expansion and accomplishment.

Enhanced Visibility and Acknowledgment: The directory offers a centralized platform exclusively for black women-owned businesses, enabling them to amplify their visibility and receive the acknowledgment they deserve.

Fostering Community: By uniting a wide array of businesses, the directory acts as a catalyst for fostering a sense of community, facilitating networking opportunities, and encouraging collaboration.

Client Support: Individuals seeking to assist and interact with businesses owned by Black women can conveniently explore and establish connections with them via the user-friendly directory.

Dr. Jacqueline King

Dr. Jacqueline King established Black Women Empowered (BWE) in November 2011. The launch of this organization was triggered by a thought-provoking divine query she received while engrossed in BET’s Black Girls Rock and witnessing the fervor of women on Facebook. The question that resonated with her was, “What happens when the excitement ends?”. This inquiry was the catalyst that led Dr. Jacqueline King on a new trajectory in her professional journey and ultimately caused the birth of Black Women Empowered.

Black Women Empowered initially began with a modest count of slightly more than 200 women on Facebook but eventually expanded its reach to over one million dedicated supporters daily. Presently, the brand boasts an impressive following of over 2 million fans on Facebook, nearly 80,000 on Instagram, and 268,000 followers on LinkedIn.

Dr. King has an extensive background in management positions within the largest Electric and Gas utility in New Jersey, where she worked for nearly 26 years. In addition to her corporate experience, she has served on various boards in New Jersey.

In 2004, Dr. King relocated to Greensboro, NC., where she held notable positions in organizations such as the Greensboro Human Relations Commission and the Greensboro Police Community Review Board as the Vice Chair for both.

She has also served in the Greensboro Chief of Police Faith-Based Council, the Child Placement Review Board of Mercer County, NJ, the College of New Jersey Non-Traditional Jobs for Women, the Middlesex County Gender and Equity Board, the Ewing Township General Assistance Board, and the Mayor of Newark’s Diversity Council. Jacqueline is not only a dedicated professional, but also a loving mother to her two children, Eric and Ashley, and a proud grandmother to her three beautiful grandchildren, Daija, Christopher, and Corbin.