Here are 11 money-spinning ventures owned by music mogul Master P

BY Ben Ebuka Oji October 13, 2023 2:21 PM EDT
Master P
Master P. Credit: Lovebscott

Master P, born Percy Robert Miller Sr., is a prominent rapper, record producer, music executive, athlete, actor, and burgeoning entrepreneur. Born on April 29, 1967, the hip-hop icon has remained relevant and influential in the entertainment scene since 1989 till date.

Over the years, Robert Miller has enjoyed remarkable success in the music scene with a series of chart-topping singles and platinum-winning albums. His musical imprint is among a defining mark in the entertainment industry in America. His individual achievements in the star-studded music circle are a testament to his ability to hew through unknown and challenging terrain; a trait that also sets him apart distinctly in his other endeavors.

Master P is among the first rappers who discovered the potential in the music industry. He established No Limit Records (now known as No Limit Forever Records), a record store in California, which later became the tiny bubble that snowballed into a multi-faceted business empire.

Bursting out of the confines of the music booth, Robert Miller intuitively diversified his wealth into other industries ranging from music, sports, telecommunication, jewelry, clothing, real estate, and more. He launched P. Miller Enterprises, a conglomerate of several businesses under his portfolio. His success beyond the music industry has inspired other musicians to delve into other ventures outside the music industry.

One of his outstanding qualities is the ability to reinvigorate and change the narrative in any industry he ventures into, and he knows how to inspire others to think independently and creatively. Master P surely has a Midas touch when it comes to creating wealth in unfamiliar terrain, and today, we look into his business empire spanning different industries in America.

No Limit Records

In 1991, Percy Robert Miller Sr. launched No Limit Records, a record company that enjoyed mainstream success and was known for producing lengthy track albums. No Limit Records once had prominent artists under its label, including Snoop Dogg, C-Murder, and Romeo Miller. In 2001, the deal between No Limit Records and its distributor, Priority Records, expired, and Master P signed a new $10 million dollar deal with Universal Records, prompting the renaming of the record label to New No Limit Records. However, the record label got enmeshed in lawsuits and later filed for bankruptcy. It eventually closed on Dec. 17, 2023.


Master P is the founder and creative guru behind the Moneyati brand – a collection of deluxe sneakers crafted in Italy with unique luxurious materials by one of the best footwear makers in the world. He signed a multi-million dollar deal with Italian shoemaker – Luca Botticelli, making Lucas AliveShoes company the official manufacturer of Moneyatti footwear. Moneyatti designs reflect a unique blend of luxury, lifestyle, and street. Moneyatti is about expressing oneself creatively and standing out with a bold fashion statement – an ideology that is imbued in the meaning of Moneyatti (Motivating Oneself Now Encourages You Actively To Think Independently).

Moneyatti Street Wear

Moneyatti Street Wear is the sub-brand of the Moneyatti brand. Moneyatti Street Wear is a lifestyle brand appealing to a wide range of customers. The brand’s collection includes T-shirts, hoods, hats, and other items imprinted with beguiling art designs reflecting Master P’s hip-hop culture.

No Limit Sports Management

Master P, from the onset, showed a great affinity for sports when he joined Fort Wayne Fury of CBA (Continental Basketball Association) as a backup guard. From Fort Wayne Fury, he moved on to have short stints with Charlotte Hornets, Toronto Raptors, and other basketball clubs. He also ventured into Pro Wrestling. Despite not achieving his dream of being a sports icon, he still reinvented himself in the sporting arena as an investor and management professional with the launch of No Limit Sports Management (NLSM) in 1998. NLSM handles contracts, and endorsement negotiations, and helps athletes establish business ventures outside the sports world, to take care of their future after retirement from active sports. NLSM works with many athletes in the NBA, CBA, and NFL, including Ricky Williams and Sam Casselle.

Make ‘Em Say Ugh!

The ‘No Limit’ soldier also forayed into the beverage industry with his signature energy drink – Make ‘Em Say Ugh! The energy drink is named after the second single from his 1997 studio album ‘Ghetto D’.

Rap Noodles

In a surprising move, Master P partnered with Rap Snacks to launch a new brand of noodles – Rap Noodles. Sold in chain stores across the U.S., Rap Noodles offers the best unique taste you can’t resist, and you can’t satisfy anywhere else. Rap Noodles boasts different unique flavors like Chicken & Gumbo, E-40 Beef Prime Ribs, Boosie Louisiana Hot, Spicy Chicken, and more. The display of hip-hop rap icons on the cover makes it stand out across store shelves.

Uncle P’s

To solidify his presence in the food industry and to challenge stereotype brands, Master P launched his processed foods company – Uncle P’s. Uncle P’s offers various food products, including white & brown rice, seasonings, ketchup, all-purpose baking flour, baking soda, cake mix, and syrup.

Big Poppa Burgers

With a good state and appetite for good meals, Master P decided to offer the world the opportunity to savor quality meals prepared by the best chefs. He opened Big Poppa Burgers in 2019 in New Orleans. Big Poppa offers a full menu of delectable burgers, fries, chicken, waffles, sandwiches, shakes, salads, desserts, coffee, and more.


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No Limit Forever Records

In 2010, Romeo Miller, the son of Master P, founded No Limit Forever Records, a rebrand of his father’s defunct No Limit Records. Master P is a co-owner and CEO of the new record label, while Romeo is a part-owner and President. Valentino Miller, the second son of Master P and brother to Romeo, is the Vice President.

Films | Television | Books

Master P also earns fortunes from his film, TV, and literary works. Since 1997, Master P has appeared in many features, films, and television shows, including Uncle P, Uncle Willy’s Family, Gone in 60 Seconds, Romeo, and more. On September 1, 2007, he released a book titled ‘Guaranteed Success’ where he shared the wealth and wisdom that he has gained through his life endeavors.