Musical icon leads $15m angel round to launch ‘flying car’

BY Ben Ebuka Oji November 30, 2023 5:26 PM EDT Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic has remained one of the prominent figures in America’s music scene for many years. But over time, he has branched off to other sectors where he is pioneering innovation and firmly entrenching his signature design skills., whose real name is William James Adams Jr., is no stranger to the world of innovative transportation, having previously collaborated with Mercedes-Benz, DeLorean, and other companies to design and produce custom cars with futuristic features.

The renowned rapper turned tech entrepreneur, futurist, and transportation consultant recently scored another major milestone by increasing his business portfolio via a new investment in a “Flying Car” maker, Jetson Inc. joined a consortium of investors and venture capital firms to invest $15 million in Jetson Inc., a California-based aviation company. The recent seed round is geared towards launching “Flying Car” Jetson One, a personal electric aerial vehicle touted as the first-of-its-kind in the market. Jetson ONE is a safe and enjoyable mode of transportation that will be available for delivery in 2024.

In a statement issued by the company, expressed satisfaction with the investment and collaboration with Jetson, affirming his pride in being associated with the Jetson family and endorsing the company’s objective of making flight accessible to everyone. He further emphasized that the realization of personal aircraft designed for convenient point-to-point journeys is imminent.

“I’m proud to be a part of the Jetson family and support the company’s mission to democratize flight, opening the skies to all. Personal aircraft ideal for short point-to-point flights will soon be a reality.”

As expected, this new investment will bolster the launch of the Jetson One and enable, an existing Jetson client, to receive training to become one of the first pilots of a flying car. With’s endorsement, Jetson is more positioned to advance its pioneering efforts in the eVTOL aircraft realm, transforming the landscape of personal aviation.

Also, this recent funding, spearheaded by, and other angel investors will significantly contribute to the realization of the company’s mission to democratize flight and ensure that the skies are accessible to all individuals.

“Our mission at Jetson is to democratize flight and make the skies available to everyone. The $15M seed round clearly demonstrates that investors do understand our unique value proposition. We approach Urban Air Mobility by developing and bringing to market eVTOL aircraft within existing legislative frameworks. This may be the biggest opportunity in aviation since the Wright brothers took flight. Today, there is an existing market that is a profitable business for single-seat recreational aircraft. We are starting the first shipments already next year and will open our A-round soon to accelerate our growth,” said Stephan D’haene, Jetson CEO.

About the new flying car (Jetson One)

According to Jetson Inc., the car manufacturer, Jetson One is the inaugural EVTOL available at an affordable price in the market and requires no pilot’s license in the United States.

The Jetson One, an aluminum and carbon fiber aircraft, is a Formula One racing car for the sky that boasts a stunning and lightweight design. With eight robust motors powering an equal number of propellers, the propulsion system delivers a massive power output, resulting in effortless and enjoyable flight.

The exceptional design and unique features of the flight computer ensure effortless flying. Altitude is controlled by the left hand, while direction is managed by the right. This user-friendly system enables anyone to become a pilot within a brief span of five minutes.

The Jetson ONE boasts a safety cell reminiscent of race cars, ensuring the pilot’s protection. It is capable of sustaining uninterrupted flight even with the failure of one motor. Additionally, it is equipped with an automatic landing function and various safety measures to safeguard the pilot during unforeseen emergencies.

 “Jetson is on a mission to redefine the future of air mobility and transportation. We are enabling new and exciting ways of travel which will solve many problems, ultimately making our cities a much better place to live. I think the US market is a great opportunity for Jetson,” said Tomasz Patan, co-founder and CTO.