This self-taught Black data scientist is building robot AI smart homes

BY Preta Peace Namasaba June 5, 2024 8:40 AM EDT

Homes have historically been inert structures, simple areas where life takes place. However, the advent of smart home technology has transformed homes into interactive systems that adapt and respond to the needs of those who live there. A collection of devices and technologies that offer a level of automation beyond traditional appliances is primarily responsible for this shift. Smart homes consist of interconnected devices that automate and streamline domestic tasks like adjusting room temperature, controlling lighting, and managing security systems. This cutting-edge technology makes a home more responsive, efficient, and secure.

Not only do smart homes provide homeowners with protection and comfort, but they also save energy and money. They provide insights into energy and pinpoint areas to cut back energy use and become more efficient and mindful of ecological factors. At the control center of a smart home are home automation systems that hold it together and ensure a seamless, interconnected living experience. Recent smart home data projects that nearly 70 million US households will actively employ smart home gadgets by 2024.

Working in the growing smart home market, which is expected to reach $154.4 billion this year is Anade Davis, a self-taught Black scientist building robot AI smart homes.

“I love telling people my story because I want people to understand that I learned how to code at 31-years old. I love motivating people and encouraging people. I often tell them all it takes is one year of focus to change your life forever,” Davis said about his inspirational journey.

Davis was driving for Uber in 2017 when he decided to change his life forever. He focused on his goals, connected with industry professionals, and took as many free courses as he could in Atlanta. He learned how to code at 31, dedicated his life to Data Science, and began his AI career at IBM’s Robots & Data Science in 2018. Davis studied Digital Technology at the New York Institute of Technology in Manhattan, New York, and has worked for leading companies such as Chegg and The World Data Science Institute.

He has since founded AI Smart Residences, a team of architects and engineers developing high-tech residences. Davis and his team use modern construction technologies like robot 3D printers to quickly build solar-powered houses that contain Smart Surfaces, AI Appliances, Robot Assistants, and Modern Electronics. They use innovative construction processes to build houses quickly with high-quality materials at a friendly cost for the benefit of developers, investors, and future homeowners. According to the United States Census Bureau, building a home can take approximately seven months but Davis has developed a strategy to build fully equipped smart homes in 90 days or less.

A serial entrepreneur, Davis is also the founder of The World Data Science Institute, a financial data science research and development company that develops blockchain and financial technology applications. His lifelong struggles to access credit and funding to grow businesses inspired him to create the startup. CryptoShare, the company’s flagship product is a digital wallet and peer-to-peer lending app that provides the unbanked and credit-challenged with the ability to borrow money. It is a universal lending solution for billions of people excluded from the current global banking and credit system.

“If you want to know how I did it, the answer is simple. I worked hard, focused on my goals, cut off watching sports all the time, cut off chasing women, and I started being around the people I wanted to be like. I started posting articles on Linkedin about Data Science. Going to events where I knew technical people and recruiters would be. I dedicated my life to being a Data Science and within 5 years, I am already at the point that I will never have to drive for Uber again,” Davis said about how he turned around his professional life.