Robert F. Smith’s private equity firm has crossed the $100-billion asset mark

BY Ben Ebuka Oji December 7, 2023 8:23 PM EDT
Robert F. Smith. Photo credit: The Washington Post Via

Robert F. Smith, the wealthiest African-American in the United States who is founder of Vista Equity Partners, has achieved another remarkable feat in his entrepreneurial journey. In a recent LinkedIn post, Robert Smith joyfully shared that his renowned global technology investment firm, Vista Equity Partners, has surpassed the remarkable milestone of managing assets worth over $100 billion.

I am thrilled to share that Vista Equity Partners has achieved an incredible milestone of surpassing $100 billion in assets under management. I recognize there are many people who made it possible and I appreciate the journey that led us here.

Since Vista was founded over two decades ago, we’ve expanded to 650+ team members operating around the world, built a comprehensive library of enterprise software best practices, and much more. We’ve also been committed to supporting the communities in which we live and work, creating opportunities for individuals who have traditionally been underrepresented.”

He continued, “In true Vista fashion, I want to also take this opportunity to celebrate all of our achievements and challenge ourselves to go even further. As we look to the future, the values Vista has honed over the years will remain its North Star: a commitment to continuous improvement, a culture of inclusion and an unwavering belief that every role is critical for our collective success. Cheers to many more years and to all who made this possible.”

Vista Equity Partners

Vista Equity Partners is an American private equity firm specializing in investing in software, data, and technology-enabled businesses. Established in 2000, the firm firmly believes in the transformative potential of technology, envisioning a future with a healthier planet, a smarter economy, an inclusive community, and a broader path to prosperity.

With a strong focus on the enterprise software market, Vista Equity Partners actively promotes the advancement of technology to create new opportunities. Leveraging its expertise in private equity, permanent capital, credit, and public equity investment strategies, Vista Equity Partners has built a robust investment platform that is currently managing over $101 billion in assets since June 30, 2023.

With offices in Austin, Chicago, New York, Oakland, San Francisco, and Hong Kong, Vista Equity Partners actively seeks to create opportunities and deliver sustainable value for companies, investors, and the communities it serves. The firm’s culture and business operations are deeply rooted in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) principles, guiding its investment decisions and portfolio management while remaining committed to being a responsible corporate citizen.

Since its establishment, Vista Equity Partners has accomplished significant milestones. In 2017, Vista Equity Partners reached an impressive $31 billion in capital commitments and successfully closed Flagship Fund VI at $11.1 billion. The following year, in 2019, Vista Equity Partners raised a remarkable $16.9 billion, the largest tech-focused fund at that time. In that same year, its capital commitments exceeded $52 billion. In 2020, Vista Equity Partners achieved assets under management surpassing $75 billion. Their assets under management continued to grow, reaching over $93 billion in 2021 and further increasing to over $96 billion in 2022. As of June 2023, Vista Equity Partners surpassed the milestone of over $100 billion in assets under management and has a workforce of more than 650 employees.

Under the leadership of Robert F. Smith, Vista Equity Partners has made strategic investments in 133 enterprise software companies across various industries. These investments aim to drive positive change, foster innovation, and contribute to the growth of the global economy. Some notable companies in their portfolio include Accelya, Accruent, LLC, Acquia, Active Network, LLC, Aderant Holdings, Inc., Advanced, Advicent Solutions, AGDATA, Inc., Alegeus, and AlertMedia, among many others.