Here are 6 high-yielding businesses owned by Halle Berry you probably didn’t know

BY Ben Ebuka Oji October 21, 2023 10:01 PM EDT
Halle Berry
Halle Berry. Credit: Getty|Bloomberg

Halle Berry is a prominent figure in the Hollywood scene, having made a name as a model turned actress. Her breakthrough in Hollywood came with the 1992 romantic comedy ‘Boomerang,’ which paved the way for her subsequent roles in other high-profile movies, such as ‘Storm’ in the four installments of the X-Men film series (2000 –2014).

Over time, Halle Berry has skillfully established herself as one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. She has received numerous awards, including the Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of a struggling widow in the 2001 romantic drama ‘Monster’s Ball,’ making her the first African-American woman and woman of color to have won the award.

Halle Berry has amassed substantial wealth through strategic endorsements and partnerships with renowned brands such as Netflix and Revlon. However, beyond her success in Hollywood, she has etched her name as a seasoned businesswoman, owning several high-yield investments explored below.

606 Films

 Launched in 2014, 606 Films focuses on producing socially conscious works. Halle Berry co-founded 606 Films with her production partner Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas. The film company is housed at CBS Television Studios and named after the Anti-Paparazzi Bill, SB 606, that Halle Berry pushed for and was signed into law in 2013 by California Governor Jerry Brown.

Halle Berry Perfumes

 In 2008, Halle Berry entered a licensing agreement with Coty to market her fragrances. Halle Berry was particularly delighted about the partnership as she has been mixing her perfumes for a long time. The Halle Berry designer perfume brand has seven fragrances in its portfolio, including Halle, Halle Pure Orchid, Exotic Jasmine, Reveal, Closer, Reveal The Passion, and Wild Essence.

Scandale Paris

In 2014, in the quest to take more ownership of her career and diversify her sources of income, Halle Berry acquired a 50% stake in French lingerie maker Scandale Paris. Speaking on why she chose to invest in the brand as opposed to doing an endorsement deal, Halle Berry said, “I’ve been the face of Revon for many many years, and my deal with Coty for my fragrance, and I wanted to do something that was a bit more personal to me. I wanted to have a bit more of an input and act on the final product. And Scandale Paris gave me the perfect opportunity to do that. Lingerie is something I know about, it’s something I love, and it’s something that I really felt I could add some value to.”


The story of rē•spin began in 2001 with the launch of Hallewood – a first-of-its-kind digital platform that connected Halle Berry directly to fans. In 2016, Halle Berry and her best friend Lindsay revitalized Hallewood, and with their 20+ years of experience, they organically developed the idea to create a curated digital fashion magazine. However, after an inspiring trip to India in 2017, Halle Berry transformed Hallewood based on a new ideology centered on health, wellness, and spirituality. And with a new all-women team, Hallewood launched a weekly fitness series called #FitnessFriday. With the quick traction of #FitnessFriday, Halle Berry and her business partner Kendra idealized a brand bigger than Hallewood. Thus, rē•spin was launched in 2018 as an accessible and resourceful destination for conversation, connection, and discovery.

rē•spin is built on six self-fulfilling pillars – Connect, Nourish, Strengthen, Awaken, Give, and Eternal.

Speaking on why she created rē•spin, Halle Berry said, “My health journey started when I was diagnosed with diabetes at 22 years old, it was a moment I’ll never forget. Inspired by this, I launched rē•spin through my own health transformation and desire to connect with others through health, wellness, and spirituality. At this moment, the need to rē•think everything we thought we knew is more important now than ever.”


In 2022, Halle Berry became an investor in the American wine startup Bev. Halle Berry emerged as the primary individual investor in the company’s Series A fundraising campaign and spearheaded the strategic aspect of the funding round. Bev’s mission is to revolutionize the drinking culture, enhance the enjoyment of social gatherings, and promote female empowerment in the business world through its range of exceptionally delicious zero-sugar premium wines made from California grapes.

In speaking about her interest in Bev, Halle Berry said, “As an entrepreneur, it’s important for me to invest in companies that share my values and are utilizing their platforms to drive real change. Having faced so much adversity as a black woman in Hollywood, I love that Bev is on a mission to break the glass ceiling and is promoting female empowerment in business and beyond.”

 “What excites me most about Bev is that Alix and team are truly committed to positively evolving a traditionally male-dominated, heteronormative commercial sphere. I’m excited to work hand in hand with Bev to rewrite the rules in an industry desperate for a more inclusive, socially conscious tomorrow.”

Pendulum Therapeutics

Pendulum Therapeutics, a biotech company pioneering metabolic health through its microbiome-targeted products, announced on February 9, 2023, that Halle Berry, an acclaimed actress and director, joined the company as an equity owner, investor, and Chief Communications Officer. Having been an enthusiastic customer of Pendulum for over a year, Halle Berry will now collaborate with the executive team of Pendulum Therapeutics on future product development and innovation. While the specific details of her investment remain undisclosed, this new development positions Halle Berry as a prominent advocate for the brand. Her primary objective will be to empower individuals to lead healthy and well-balanced lives while also promoting the restoration of metabolic health through Pendulum’s range of targeted probiotic supplements for gut health, sugar metabolism, and other related areas.